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Cargo Shipping Insurance

What is Cargo & Transit Insurance?

Transit and cargo insurance is also commonly known as shipping insurance. Insurance mitigates the risk by providing coverage for specific events unique to cargo transportation between locations.

What type of Risks may Cargo and Transit insurance cover?

The types of risks that cargo and transit insurance may cover include:

  • Delayed Shipment costs

  • Non-delivery by a carrier

  • Loss of goods

  • Acts of Piracy, theft and pilferage

  • Intentional damage by officers or crew of a vessel

What other unforeseen risks might a Cargo & Transit insurance cover?

  • Insolvency by the carrier

  • Extended coverage to cover unique storage condition situations.

  • Time delays leading to losses in other commercial aspects.

  • Partial risk-sharing is where a loss is shared amongst cargo owners and ship owners.

This is a bespoke policy offered by Swift Insurance. Please speak with us for a consultation.

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